Why 2000+ People Can’t Be Wrong On This Treadmill

Before you see the review , I thought I will show you how I got inspired to write this post  (You can skip if you want, click the below topics you want )

I was sitting on my terrace and without any inspiration on what problem I can solve by writing today. Half-an-hour passed nothing stuck in my mind.

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Are You Too Lazy For Outdoor Exercise? Then You Might Need this

Is a Folding Exercise Bike in Your Future?

Most of us know that exercise is a good thing but struggle to find a way to fit it in. We tend to live in large cities with a minimal appeal for going outdoors. We all have a well-meaning desire to grow our careers and keep our families afloat. It’s easier to stay inside and be sedentary than to go outside and burn off calories.

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An Exercise Bike Which Solves Two Of Your Problems!!

Clothes Washing with a Purpose

Multi-tasking is a requirement these days. Usually, it refers to thinking about one thing while doing another. Now you can physically multi-task with the Bike Washing Machine. That’s right; the Bike Washing Machine (BWM) gives you a way to get your clothes clean while you exercise. [click to continue…]

Top 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike report – 2016 version

How to Choose the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Possible

You’ve seen the pictures or looked at them in the gym. Rows of shiny treadmills, rowers, stair steppers, and yes, recumbent exercise bikes. Perfectly in order, polished, perhaps being used by lithe fitness freaks. How hard can it be? Just get on and go, right? [click to continue…]

Dont buy ProForm Recumbent Bike Until You’ve Seen this report

What’s the Best ProForm Recumbent Bike for You?

You’ve probably seen a wide variety of exercise gear at the local gym. Have you ever wondered, “What are the differences between all of these? How can I possibly know which one to choose?” The good news is that all of them have solid health benefits. Picking one comes down to personal taste.

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