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Anabolic Running 2.0 Review – The Only Exercise That Men Need

Testosterone is the hormone essential for male performance – including strength, muscle build, and over-all health. It is thus no surprise that men tend to participate and invest their time in activities that boost the production of the male hormone. Moreover, testosterone production in the male body tends to decrease as an individual gets older, increasing the urgency for men to align themselves with exercises, food intake,medication, and their respective lifestyles in lieu of maintaining their testosterone production level.


The low production of testosterone in the male body can have serious implications. Hypogonadism is a condition characterized by low testosterone in the body; a condition that affects the normal day to day function of an individual and prohibits him from performing the roles attributed to him – both in the public and personal space. Male hypogonadism (hypogonadism can occur in women too but in a different form) can develop later in life and in worse situations, may need testosterone replacement therapy. This may impair a man’s ability to produce sperm and affect his sex drive. Other symptoms include lack of energy, loss of muscle mass, increase in body fat, mood changes, hair loss, and low bone density, among others. Suffice it to say, the male hormone has a crucial function in the development and health of the male body.

Given this, research have scoured various methods to boost testosterone production – from hormone inducing medication, proper diet, and the right exercise. A variety of exercise is available for people to do, but not all are as convenient or manageable given certain constraints. Among the easiest, cheapest and most convenient form of exercise is running. It remains as among the best cardiovascular exercise that people can participate in. However, it is not necessarily the most advisable type of exercise for anyone looking to boost the male hormone production. On the contrary, running is known to increase one’s cortisol level while simultaneously decreasing testosterone. This means that while running can help in improving a person’s metabolic rate and immune system, it doesn’t really do much in the production of testosterone. There is, however, a solution: anabolic running.

Annabolic Running vs. Catabolic Running

The kind of running people refer to during marathons is the catabolic kind. To fully understand the difference, a break down of the difference between anabolism and catabolism needs to be settled.

Catabolism is a metabolic process which breaks down large molecules into smaller ones and in the process, releases energy. It increases adrenaline, cortisol and glucagon in the body. Catabolic exercises are recommended for people who aim to burn fat and calories.

On the other hand, anabolism is a metabolic process wherein the body builds molecules that it needs. This process requires energy and boosts estrogen, testosterone and insulin, among others. Anabolic exercises generally help in building and maintaining muscle mass.

From this, there is already a difference between catabolic exercises and anabolic exercises – most obviously in terms of the hormones it boosts and the effects it has on the body’s development. Applying this to running, therefore, catabolic running releases energy, thus the ‘high’ people get after finishing a marathon, and burns fat and calories which is recommended for those on a diet. Its counterpart will not only transform the body, but will also help activate the release of testosterone in the body. For those specifically looking to increase testosterone production through running, and in effect build muscle mass, then annabolic running may be the best bet for you. The great thing about this form of anabolic exercise is that it is easy to integrate into your lifestyle, and will not really cost you much.

Anabolic Running 2.0 Before And After

Anabolic Running 2.0 Review: Undergoing the Program

Anabolic running program is a worth the deal. As already mentioned, it is one of the most convenient exercises to integrate into your lifestyle – all while getting your desired results. This program is extensive and should be approached with consistency, but all you would really need is 16 minutes of your time ever week. The gym has its perks for some people, but for others who are more preoccupied and would want to build mass while triggering the natural production of testosterone, then this program is one of the sweetest offers in the market.

The program will start by explaining what anabolic running is and the difference that it could make to your body without the high-intensity training plans or hours at the gym. This program will reveal why new ways to confront the body and subject it to stimuli to achieve the desired outcome is the natural course of action, as opposed to sticking to traditional training methods which contribute to the lowering of testosterone levels. A fine-tuned body is well within reach after only weeks of trying out this program, minus the disadvantages associated with catabolic running. This is definitely a useful and revolutionary method that will not only explain the science behind the processes that the body undergoes, but will also follow through with the results.

This method is special because it is specifically targeted for men who are looking to improve their muscular hormones. This form of exercise will no doubt improve a person’s overall level strength and fitness, while addressing issues on fat build-up. Moreover, anabolic running also triggers the release of nitric oxide in the body which improves the natural flow of blood. To cap it off, all this is fairly easy and does not require much equipment, money, or time.


The Anabolic Running review highly recommends the program to men ages 30-60 years old. During this age, testosterone levels in the male body start to decline, and it is through such an exercise that men are able to maintain their physique, performance, and overall fitness. Of course, like any programs, this is also an investment. However, unlike the others, the engineers of this new method is confident of this new approach that refunds are accepted should someone expresses dissatisfaction with the program. This hasn’t happened yet and all those who continued with this type of exercise are now honing their toned, ripped, and healthy bodies.


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