Expresso HD Upright Stationary Exercise Bike – Interactive Review

Have you ever wondered that moment after riding 20 minutes on your stationary bike? Arena��t you felt bored to death?

Today you are going to have a treat on what I am going introduce to you. Check it out.

A Stationary Bike That Feels Real

Its the most expensive and most amazing bike I have ever seen.A�TheA�Expresso HD Upright Exercise Bike can be a game changer (No more staring at red LED dots)

For many people, indoor trainers have become a necessary evil. We dona��t like them, but depending on where we live and limited time, we have to use them. Theya��re a better option than riding in the rain and far safer than riding after dark.


The Expresso HD Upright may be the answer for enjoying indoor workouts. It has so many features to keep you engaged and bring the experience closer to a real road ride. The handlebars actually turn. The screen is so big it almost looks like youa��re outside.

The folks at Interactive Fitness (which makes the Expresso HDU) know that meeting a fitness goal is hard. Since 2009, theya��ve been making exercise more fun by combining it with technology. Their products arena��t cheap, but they are high quality and cutting edge.

What Makes it Different?

Three things make the Expresso HDU stand out from an ordinary exercise bike.

  • Handlebars the move
  • Resistance that changes automatically
  • An interactive display

Turn the bars

Handlebars that turn a little bit on an exercise bike are a small thing. Almost a gimmick. But the effect it has on the overall riding experience is significant.

When youa��re looking at a large screen and a�?ridinga�? down a road, ita��s natural to want to turn around the corners. This bike lets you do that. Better yet, the bars dona��t simply move, they also control the images on the screen and make the bike turn on the virtual street. You can vary what side of the road youa��re on. You can change how close you ride to other cyclists. The moving bars are a big step towards drawing you into a�?reala�? riding.

Respond to the road

The Expresso HDU has resistance settings that are designed to look and feel like gears on a bike. In addition, the load changes as you ride different terrain on the computers program. Just like youa��d expect when riding outside. When the road goes up on the display screen, ita��s harder to pedal. Downhills are the opposite of course.

This makes sense for your riding experience. It also allows you to blend normal shifting patterns into your riding. To keep a similar intensity over varied terrain, just click through the gears. Instead of turning a knob to going harder when a flashing light says to, you respond to the contours of the road.

Interact with whata��s on the screen

Both of the above features rely on the interactive function of the large high-definition screen. This isna��t just a DVD playing to show you pretty views while you sweat. Ita��s a video game of bike riding. Therea��s more than just turning corners and riding up or down hills at different intensity.

The included eLive online program lets you ride with other cyclists and see where theya��re at on the road compared to you. This is easiest to do at a gym when other riders are in the room. If youa��re at home, you can still use the Community feature to arrange a time to ride together.

You can even ride against yourself. The Ghost Rider feature loads a previous ride onto the screen. As you pedal, you will see how you compare to the earlier day. This gives plenty of motivation to push harder than before and can help you reach fitness goals faster.

This video is a bit cheesy, but gives a quick run down on the bike.

Who is it For?

Leta��s not beat around the bush. The Expresso HDU is aimed at folks with a fair amount of discretionary income. To buy one for home use is quite an investment. The gyms and health clubs that have a fleet of these will have higher membership fees.

The good news is that Interactive Fitness knew their market and built a bike that a discerning consumer will appreciate. They didna��t cut corners, and they back it up with prompt customer service.

It is also a great fit for people who like data. For starters, there are so many ride programs and possibilities to choose from. Just keeping track of all the available options can be dizzying. After you finish, you can go way in depth.

This is far beyond the standard numbers of time, distance, and speed. The important metrics of power, heart rate, cadence, and calories are everywhere you look. When you start to combine and overlap all these measures, you can fine-tune your training even more. If you like analyzing and crunching numbers, you can design your own custom fitness plan to better health.

The Expresso HDU will also appeal to those who like visual aids. The graphics may not be at the same level as top computer games, but they still draw you in. The 23a�? high-definition screen fills your senses with scenery, an ever-changing road, and other riders. You naturally change your effort based on what youa��re seeing. You dona��t have to rely on internal motivation or a gym instructor.

The entertainment factor of the display is also valuable. Whether youa��re riding a mountain road or competing in a Challenge, you tend to get involved in what you see. There areA�40+ virtual tours, ranging in difficulty from basicA�to extreme.

This can keep you on the bike longer and help you ride harder without even realizing it.

What are Other People Saying About it?

People love it. Any negative comments tend to be minor and based on personal preference.A�They cover everything from order and delivery to racing other riders. .

For a report on the parent company, which can build confidence in buying a high-dollar product like the Expresso, click here.

If you want to enjoy riding indoors as much as outside, you owe it to yourself to check out the Expresso HD Upright. The difference it can bring to your home or gym routine is impressive. Yes, the breeze blowing in your hair will be from a fan.

No, you wona��t be able to hear the sounds of other riders. But you will be able to feel the power of tighter muscles and a stronger heart that comes from longer, better workouts.

Now , what do you think? Is it worth the investment? Or it is just crazy?.

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