How to Get Your Kids to Exercise (without arguing with them)

Are you a parent who is concerned about your childa��s lack of activity? Does it seem like theya��re always on an electronic device instead of running around?

According to the Presidenta��s Council on Fitness, only one in three children are a�?physically activea�? every day. Even when using computers for productive activities like homework, they dona��t keep us healthy or fit.

One father invented a solution. He connected an exercise bike to the computer so his kids have to pedal to unlock the screen. With a little software programming, he added features to make it more functional. Kids can earn a�?creditsa�? for the future, and parents can set aside times for certain uses.

Multiple profiles can be set up with different limits. It knows if the kids
are on for fun or spending their screen time on schoolwork.

One of the beauties is that it takes away the verbal battles of enforcing screen limits. Kids have to do some exercise or the computer locks up. They cana��t complain to mom or dad; they just have to pedal faster.

You can watch this family peacemaker in actionA�here

Unless you speak Hebrew, the sound wona��t help you, but ita��s still fun to watch.

At this point, ita��s only a prototype. The closest thing on the market may be the FitDesk.A�It doesna��t connect to your computer, but at least it has a pedaling option.

Next time your kids are staring at a screen, send them one of these links. Maybe the threat of it becoming a reality will get them to head outside and play.

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